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Car Bouteek LLC |4631 S State Road 7DavieFL33314 | (954) 689-7577
Car Bouteek LLC
4631 S State Road 7
DavieFL 33314
 (954) 689-7577
Tires, Rims, Alignments, & More!Buy 4 tires from us and get your alignment free!

Tire shop in Davie, FL

You're completely dependent on your wheels and tires when it comes to safely and proudly driving your vehicle. Why should you settle for anything but the best quality and selection? You shouldn't! When you really want to beef up the safety and style of your wheels, look no further than the professional team at Car Bouteek LLC.

Best In Tires and Custom Rim Upgrades

When you shop at Car Bouteek LLC, you'll get the luxury of one the most extensive inventories of tires and rims in the area. We can equip your vehicle with practically any unique look you desire. We always have a vast selection of high-quality rims on hand from some of the best names in the business, perfect for the car enthusiast or anyone on a budget. Our experienced technicians can also provide you with fabulous customizations that will surely make a bold statement when you're motoring down the road. 

No matter what type of car you have, we can get the best tires and rims for your needs. We can even order in custom tires, rims, specialty suspensions, precision suspensions, or brakes for your vehicle.

We've been around since 2000. Our extensive experience has taught us how to handle anything that comes our way. We've seen the worst of tire cases, and we know what to do when things aren't working out for our customers. The services we offer make driving safe for you and your family.

Did you drive over a nail or forget to add air to a tire when its pressure was a little low? No worries! All you need to do is head to your local tire shop, and everything will be better. Car Bouteek LLC is here to provide you with fast and effective tire services to protect your wheels and your vehicle. We love cars and love to help our customers.


Car Bouteek LLC

- Your Premier Tire and Rim Shop in Davie, FL -

Your tires are not the only features that require services when they go flat. While tire replacements are our most popular service, we also offer assistance with your vehicle's suspension and alignment. That ensures that you'll have a smooth ride each time you drive.

In addition to our general tire and suspension services, we also provide people with customized tire services. We carry plenty of tires from top brands. If you're looking for special tires, you will get fast and reliable services when you choose us.

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Our Services Include

  • Suspension
  • Tire Replacement
  • Custom Tires
  • Custom Rims
  • Specialty Suspension
  • ... And More


Car Bouteek LLC is at 4631 S State Road 7 in Davie, FL. Call (954) 689-7577 for more information.

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